Our Services

OEM (we provide design , add your own logo,many years production experience ,experienced merchandiser ,high quality products will prepare for you )

ODM (if you want to make your own design , give us your design pic. or samples we can based on pic. and samples make out the design you need , customized designs and pattern accept.Protection of your new product, idea of design and all your private information. )

WHOLESALE (factory directly production , have lots ready finish designs wait your choose , if you just want to buy quick shipment fashion design production , contact us , 1 piece also sell , 10pcs for wholesale )

STRONG QUALITY CHECK SYSTERN(experienced QC staff check goods for you. Your satisfaction is our most greatest comfort)

Whether you are lingerie brands, trading companies, cross-border trade platform owner, individual online sales, brand entity, wholesalers, if you are looking for lingerie&lace, looking for quality product, you can come to find us, one-stop solution for you .

Our Features

Customer Support

responsible and experienced staffs will answer all of your inquiries.Experienced QC staffs will check goods for you.


you can choose our design tag your own labels


you can customized your own design , we develop for you and make production for you .


no need you come to China , just directly buy from us , small qty competitive prices

and more...

Need price quote please offer us your designs pic.(or our designs pic.) order quantity , size , fabric , print requirement details , price quote will provide asap !

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Donec tellus massa, tristique sit amet condimentum vel, facilisis quis sapien.

Premium Features

Good and Quick development
Experienced merchandiser and QC teams
Experienced workers
Clients Special requirement accepted
Speedy delivery time