YSS tell you how to Wash Your Lingerie

YSS tell you how to Wash Your Lingerie
Caring for one’s dedicates is, well, a delicate matter. If you’re investing in your basics and special-occasion lingerie, how to you clean and store them can make a huge difference in how long they last.

Q1:How often should you wash a bra?
YSS:We typically recommend that you wash your bras after 5-7wears.

Q2:What’s the best way to wash bras and panties to make them last longer?
YSS:Hand-washing sounds tedious but it’s actually pretty easy,and we definitely recommend it for most of the lingerie we sell at YSSLINGERIE.COM. Combine your similarly-colored delicate in a sink of warm-water, and add a delicate wash that’s specially formulated for lingerie.Swish around a few times, gently squeeze and then lay flat to dry.

Q3:Are there any fabrics that are okay to just throw in the washing machine?
YSS: Err, not in our opinion.

Q4:If you don’t always have time to hand wash, what’s the next best way to wash?
YSS:If you must use a washing machine, there are four important rules:  1) use a gentle cycle, with warm (never hot) water. 2) Put your delicate in a lingerie bag to ensure they don’t get snagged or twisted. 3) Use the same delicate lingerie wash you’d use to hand-wash. 4) Never, ever use the dryer!

Q5:What’s the best way to dry your lingerie?
YSS: You should always lay your lingerie flat to avoid stretching out the band or straps.

Q6: How should you store your lingerie?
YSS: Bras can be stored in a drawer, place them behind each other, almost like they’re spooning. Make sure you don’t turn the cups inside-out into each other.

Q7:How long should your delicate typically last?
YSS: It depends on so many factors… the quality of the piece, how often you wear it, and how carefully you care for it. We always recommend that you rotate your bras, so that even your favorite gets some time off in-between wears. This allows all the stretchy materials to return to their proper shapes. At YSS LINGERIE, we tell our customers that a bra will last up to a year when cared for properly, and possibly longer.