The function of the seamless underwear

The seamless underwear have recently set off an upsurge. The appeal’s all there: They’re comfier than a g-string but with the same effect, sitting close to the skin so you can wear them under tight garments while avoiding the dreaded VPL(Visible Panty Line), including comfort, a smooth fit, light weight, an aesthetically pleasing appearance and ease of care. Seamless garments have gained huge popularity due to their speed of production and unique combination. As a result, the variety of seamless garments available [...]

YSS tell you how to Wash Your Lingerie

YSS tell you how to Wash Your Lingerie Caring for one’s dedicates is, well, a delicate matter. If you’re investing in your basics and special-occasion lingerie, how to you clean and store them can make a huge difference in how long they last. Q1:How often should you wash a bra? YSS:We typically recommend that you wash your bras after 5-7wears. Q2:What’s the best way to wash bras and panties to make them last longer? YSS:Hand-washing sounds tedious but it’s actually pretty easy,and we definitely [...]